Denver, Charlotte (8/17/2020) – This year boasts the 17th straight year Distribution America and PRO Group, Inc. will join forces to host the Executive Planning Conference (EPC). The event, still slotted for November 17-19, will utilize the Zoom Meetings platform in place of the in-person event originally scheduled in take place in Tucson. This virtual format will allow distributor and manufacturer partners serving hardware retailers, lumber yards, home centers and independent paint stores to safely meet one-on-one for prescheduled appointments amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dave Christmas, CEO of Distribution America stated that, “with so much uncertainty surrounding the virus and not knowing what we might be facing later in the fall, moving to a virtual platform is the only responsible solution.”


Steve Synnott, President & CEO of PRO Group, added that, “many attending distributors and vendors have corporate policies in place prohibiting travel during the current crisis which also influenced our decision. Our priority is the health and safety of all attendees.”


The focus of the event will be the over 2,000 prescheduled, one-on-one private meetings with decision makers of the nation’s largest group of independent distributors. Zoom’s breakout rooms feature will give new and current vendors the opportunity to present new products and review strategic objectives for the coming year. With recent improvements to video conferencing services and the ability for participants to share screens and files, the individual breakout rooms can feel like the in-person meetings that EPC attendees have come to expect.


The virtual EPC will also feature general sessions including a topical seminar focusing on the 2021 economy followed by a live Q&A, a featured product showcase and a vendor recognition presentation.


While COVID-19 continues to have a lasting impact on events and the industry as a whole, the virtual EPC will facilitate the valuable one-on-one interactions that foster new business relationships during a time when travel is not possible.


Space is limited. For more information and to register for the event, visit




The Charlotte, North Carolina-based Distribution America ( is a multi-billion dollar buying and marketing organization, covering 50 states and international markets assisting retailers and distributors with merchandising and marketing programs including Priced Right Everyday®, Sentry, Trustworthy Hardware and Golden Rule.

PRO Group, Inc. ( is a multidivisional international merchandising and marketing organization with corporate headquarters in Denver. Its operating units include PRO Hardware, GardenMaster, FARM MART and GOLDEN-LINK. With over 79 distributors operating over 140 distribution centers serving all 50 states, the Group’s combined sales volume exceeds $6 billion through its member distributors and an alliance with the VAL-TEST Group.